Shannon Shorr - WSOP 2015 + Where I Am

Shannon Shorr - WSOP 2015 + Where I Am

01-06-2015, 14:53

Hello all! I just checked my blog and noticed I haven’t written in 2015. Oops, time really flies. This entry comes from a house I’m renting with my boys Mike Katz, Jesse Yaginuma, and Adam Geyer in Las Vegas. This marks the tenth consecutive summer I’ve spent in the desert playing the World Series of Poker (WSOP). I usually report here for around seven weeks and play 65+ hour weeks of tournament poker. We are just getting underway.

The summer is always magical in the sense that I get to spend it competing in something that I love to do. The World Series of Poker is an experience. People come from all over the world and from all walks of life to play in tournaments and cash games. There is action around the clock. In addition I get to hang out with an amazing group of friends during my downtime. I have countless memories from summers in Vegas with friends: watching NBA Finals, going to the movies, dinners, nightclubs, being poolside, gym trips, bowling, and just hanging around the house laughing until early hours of the morning.

Something I love about the Series so much is that I can completely dive into my poker tournament experiences and be present everyday. I’ve played several hundred live poker tournaments over the course of the last ten years now, so it is an environment in which I’m very comfortable. No tournament is ever the same and I play with different players everyday. There are endless social dynamics to be observed. I feel I’ve gotten a great education on people given I’m exposed to so many different types at the table. Every human emotion can be witnessed at the poker table. When a poker player sits at the table he or she is not only risking money. One’s ego is ever-present and at risk of being bruised. I’m always interested by what it takes for mine to rear its ugly head. And I’m fascinated to watch how it plays out in others at the table.

Earlier tonight I cashed in the largest poker tournament of all-time in terms of entries. I finished 1428th out of the 22000+ entries in a tournament billed as “Colossus”. I will be playing 30+ more tournaments before I depart Las Vegas in mid-July.